Saturday, May 23, 2009

What girl will think when you give flower especially rose.

Meaning of rose color :-

red rose is love and passion
white rose is affection
orange rose is enthusiasm and eagerness
blue rose is that someone is mysterious
black rose is death and change
pink rose is elegance but can also be appreciation and sympathy depending ond the coloration in the rose
green rose is fertility and fruitfulness
yellow rose is try to care

Meanings vary with the number of rose :-

single rose in full bloom - i still love you
2 roses together - a commitment of forthcoming marriage,
3 roses - the declaration of love " i love you"
6 roses - someone of the need to be loved and cherished
11 roses - to assure someone that he or she is truly and deeply loved
13 roses - secret admirer waiting to be discovered
24 roses- love someone every hour of the day

Meaning roses in different color combinations :-

red and yellow roses - jovial and happy feelings
white and red roses - unity
white and dried roses - death is preferable to loss of virtue
garland or crown of roses - beware of virtue, reward or merit, symbol of superior merit
cluster of musk roses - charming
yellow roses with red tip - friendship, falling in love

Remember :-
if you accept the rose with your right hand, it conveys that you are in agreement with the other person and your affirmation. if you do so with the left hand, it shows of your disagreement.

>>> Thanks to Mr Azrul Ehsan Ahmad for the info.


ziedot said...

Roses are outdated :P

Give sweet pink lilies to the girl you have crush on and she will never forget you ;)

or Yellow Lilies to a man you have crush on; he'll get what you mean! <-- rules apply for guy-to-guy relationship only!

P/s: sharing is caring!

KaCa Mata said...

thanks ziedot..

Safirul Amar said...

steady MR AZRUL EHSAN..!!